Why I Am Running


I have spent my entire life in this district, raised my children here, and spent my entire career teaching the children of our communities. Being raised in a family of teachers taught me the importance of service to others. For over 30 years, I have taught in our public schools and I now find myself drawn to serve in this new and significant way as your state delegate. I believe as a career teacher and leader in that profession, I possess a unique set of skills and perspective that will help to invigorate our public life and our government.

Sometimes we don’t want to talk about the issues that face us because of the tension they create and, sometimes, a feeling that the discussion is only academic. It is, however, only through attention and service that we can effect change. It seems easier to turn away from politics because it is uncomfortable. Despite the discomfort it causes, we must shine a bright, positive light on politics and dive into the fight with the strong and compassionate spirits we possess as a community. Together we can make the politics of Maryland an honorable profession.

I will endeavor to ensure that I am directly connected to the pulse of our communities and that you will be proud to be represented by me in Annapolis. I want you to feel as though you can always connect with me as your representative.

It is because of my concern for the issues we face that I feel moved to do all that I can. Ultimately, my belief system is driven by equity. I believe in equal rights and equal opportunities for people of all groups. In fact, I do not believe that the group labels we apply to individuals should have any bearing on their potential success in our community. Everyone deserves a fair shot at a fulfilled life and we must act in a way that ensures all Marylanders have the opportunity for their full potential to be realized.

I am enjoying the process of engaging in our political system and look forward to the new challenges I will encounter as your delegate. I appreciate your support as we reach for Annapolis together.




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